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Probe's Operational Excellence Transformation - POET

Our Operational Excellence Programme was developed by taking established Improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Total Quality Management, Agile Manufacturing, Toyota Production System, Theory of Constraints and others and using our extensive experience in these subjects, extracting what we think are the most common, most valuable parts and packaging them as a complete programme – POET Programme.
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Training Services Wales

At Probe, we deliver practical training solutions that meet specific business needs.

We believe firmly that all training should have a positive impact on your bottom line; enabling you to improve company performance with investment in training that is measured in line with business objectives. That’s why our programmes focus on:

NVQ Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)

Designed to improve business performance, our work based training programmes are accredited by EAL and City and Guilds. Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) is a cross-functional qualification that is designed to improve the overall effective operation by recognising quality and process initiatives throughout the workplace. These programmes deliver benefits for both the individual and the company as they are focussed on specific live projects; enabling you to develop staff to address challenges and opportunities in line with your company objectives.

Lean Management Programmes

With over 30 years of practical experience in lean and process improvements, our programmes focus on lean training, knowledge and implementation. Using the latest principles and techniques from LEAN, Six Sigma, 5S, TQM, our emphasis is on improving your process quality and performance while increasing profitability so that you can optimise your processes through lean and effective manufacturing techniques.


We provide tailored support for business leaders and managers at all levels. Our aim is to make a difference to you and your organisation by offering a range of bespoke management development programmes with a focus on improving individual and business performance with nationally recognised qualifications.

Our Clients

We have provided training to a broad range of Business Sectors including Automotive, Electronic,Heavy Engineering, White Goods companies of all ranges and sizes from SME to multi-nationals.

Through programmes such as Skills for Industry, SEMTA, Work Force Development and Business Enterprise our Clients have been able to access funding and support.

Our Courses

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