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Our Services

Times are changing

It’s time we all reach out for something new in the way we all do business. Everybody should now be familiar with the “lean” methodology, it has been the foundation of how companies have operated for the past 20 years or more, but lean is based on “working smarter not harder”.

We are in an era where companies need “more for less” so that they can become competitive within global markets. Whilst that embraces lean, it requires more too.

Balancing the quality and engineering resources within an organisation is a difficult task. You’re either under resourced, in which case your engineers have too much on their plates, or you are over resourced, in which case you are operating less efficiently and thus less competitively. If you rely purely on recruiting to cope with the fluctuations in business, striking a balance is very difficult.

There is an alternative. Why recruit when you can borrow? Probe can step in and step out as and when you need. This means you have a familiar person, who becomes part of your team, and is at your disposal from as little as one day at a time.

The UK suffers a 30% productivity gap compared with other parts of Europe and the USA– that’s a cost of £88 billion each year or 85 working days lost for each person in the workforce. Up to half of that productivity gap is directly attributable to the poor use and deployment of resources.

If you can identify with these issues and you would like help to meet your business objectives then you need to contact Probe. We can support you with a shared resource centre that allows you to access highly-skilled people with the experience that you need, when you need it. From short term projects of as little as one day through to long-term support, we can help you with:



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