Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

At Probe we can support your organisation in all areas around the core competencey of Quality and Process Engineering from Senior management level to product inspectors.

Third Party Rework and Inspection

Probe offer flexible rapid response Third Party Containment Inspection services. We provide a wide range of Sorting and Inspection support at your plant or at your customer's location.

Our Goal is to stop the flow of non-conforming parts and assist you in implementing effective containment as quickly as possible. Typically we can respond within two hours and often within the hour.

With our staff of skilled inspectors backed up with experienced Quality Engineers where necessary, Probe not only responds with the right inspection support to handle the immediate problem, but also has the ability to follow up with quality assurance engineering resources, if required, to liaise between Customer and Supplier to gather information to help develop root cause understanding.

We have experience in the automotive, aerospace, white goods, electronics and medical sectors and handle simple nuts and bolts through to complex mouldings and electronic assemblies. Our minimum call out period is 4 hours so we can assist you in the inspection of even the smallest batches. We communicate our throughput rates and provide data reports with all activities on a daily basis to give our Customer an accurate up to date picture of the problem at hand.

Probe understands that offering reliability and continuity is of paramount importance in isolating non-conforming product at a supplier facility.

Probe provides custom solutions to sorting and inspection services.

  • Rapid Response
  • Component inspection when supplier related quality problems threaten to stop production lines.
  • Increased vigilance during new programme launches.
  • Supporting activities which are not part of the standard operation. i.e. temporary fixes, one off changes, reacting to missed operations or post process rework.
  • When complex inspection and operations are required to be performed for short periods of time when a permanent placement is unnecessary.
  • Creating a Firewall when a company is under pressure to improve their quality performance to their Customer.
  • To help ease bottle necks at inspection when our Customers processes can go faster than the components can be inspected.
  • When looking to outsource small assembly, rework or rectification.
  • Any activity which allows our Customer to focus their labour onto value adding activities.

 Call Probe now, to discuss your inspection and containment requirements on 01656 860091.

Calibration and Measurement

Our comprehensive outsourced metrology service is used by clients who demand the need for a fast and reliable turn-around. Working to the most precise tolerances, we use the very latest CMM and inspection technology to provide:

  • Measurement verification through CMM programming and measurement
  • Batch inspection and reportingPPAP/First Article inspection reporting
  • Ownership of your calibration management system
  • Gauge management, recalls and electronic certification 
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