Meeting the End-of-life Vehicle Directive

Over a decade ago EU legislators took an important step towards the complete recycling of cars by establishing the end-of-life-vehicle directive. To support this move  IMDS was established in 2000 by leading Vehicle Manufacturers to provide a resource which allowed them to meet the requirements of the directive. The IMDS system quickly gained ground with the growing demand for recycling all vehicle components and feeding them back into the substance recovery cycle. That way the IMDS system plays a big part in protecting nature’s resources and the environment.
As a typical vehicle is made up of 10,000 different assemblies, sub-assemblies and components, the responsibility for collecting and reporting the material data has been cascaded down the supply chain.
The International Material Data System (IMDS) is a collective, computer-based material data system which has now been adopted as the global standard for reporting material content in the automotive industry. IMDS - the International Material Data System, is a product of HP Enterprise Services, a division of Hewlett-Packard Co..

Are you looking for help in meeting the needs of your IMDS responsibility?

As a full-service company Probe is able to provide you with a customized service around all the IMDS tasks of your company.

Whether you have only few material data sheets per year or you have to extensive IMDS activity within your organisation we can give you the support that would enable you to allow your already busy engineering resources to focus on their value adding tasks.

At Probe we can manage this task for you by:

Creating material data sheets
Creating modules
Revising & Modifying the Material Data Sheets
Coordinating with Customers & Retrieving data from Suppliers
Guide suppliers through creating IMDS for their products according to customer requirements
We are skilled at providing end to end solution on IMDS reporting requirements to companies involved in supplying components to Automotive OEM's

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